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VOYAGER has deep experience with some of the nation's best academic institutions, from high school to higher education and advanced degrees. We understand academic calendars, cross-functional teams of stakeholders, tight budgets and strapped content creators, letting us slip in and giving your team just the boost it needs.

Life Sciences

From Biotech to Pharmaceutical, medical equipment manufacturing and in-between, we've worked with some exceptional brands creating (literally) life changes products. VOYAGER takes a compassion for the patients and enthusiasm for big doers to a new level, helping with Talent Acquisition campaigns, product explainers, company bios and more.


Running a marketing agency or other consultancy and getting requests for videography and photography? Stay focused on what you know, and bring in VOYAGER for the rest! We can operate under your brand and serve your client like they were one of our own - but in the end, you get to be their hero!

...And you!

While we have a certain level of specialty in the above sectors, our Flexibility makes us a fit for all kinds of projects for any bold brands that need to put their best foot forward. Don't be dissuaded by our focus - even our preferred industries had first clients once upon a time!

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